Floods 2010

In 2010, Pakistan witnessed the most devastating floods in its history. Starting from the North, the floods traveled to the South, causing damage at an unprecedented level. Millions were left homeless, and thousands were reported dead.  Entire villages and towns were washed away, destroying infrastructure, farms, houses, etc. According to the NDMA, 1,985 deaths were reported, 1,744,471 houses damaged and 20,184,550 people were affected. The flood affectees, having lost their homes and majority of their belongings were in dire need of medical help. The need for food, shelter and clean water was also immense. HOPE responded by launching a huge relief operation that covered medical aid, relief distribution, provision of safe drinking water, nutrition support and reconstruction of houses.

Relief Distribution

As part of its relief operation, HOPE teams distributed emergency relief ration to flood affectees in Thatta, Sukkur, Dadu, Shahdad Kot and Khairpur in Sindh, Muzzafargarh in Punjab and Nowshera and Charsadda in KP. This included food items like lentils, cooking oil, tea, etc. and shelter items like tents, chattais, blankets, etc. Each package was aimed for a family of seven members, lasting for approximately 45 days. HOPE provided much needed ration to almost 13,000 flood affectees.

In addition to providing food and shelter items, HOPE also set up a nutrition support programme in collaboration with UNICEF. Living in camps, with limited access to food and water, flood affectees began suffering from malnutrition. This project was carried out in IDP camps in Karachi, Thatta, Dadu and Shahdad Kot. Children under five and pregnant and lactating women were screened and according to their level of malnutrition were given nutrition support in the form of Plumpy Nuts and UNIMIX.

HOPE’s partners like Barclays Bank, Citibank, IFFCO, FM 91, YPO, UNICEF, Human Concern International, P&G, Cadbury and Standard Chartered Bank supported these efforts.