Providing services of

Health & Education

For the poor and needy in Pakistan.


Children are the priority of HOPE. In the health field, special care is provided to children in the form of specialized neonatal care units (NICU) in the hospitals, immunization of children, growth monitoring, prevention of polio, nutrition support etc. In addition, education of children is considered a high priority. 9000 children are studying in the HOPE schools. Other recreational and extracurricular activities are planned for children, including trips to the zoo, PAF museum etc. In addition, mass iftaars for children are provided in the month of Ramzan.


Besides education, HOPE also supports many extra curricular activities for children. These include taking the children out for fun trips, including zoo trips, picnics, educational tours etc. This exposes the children to other aspects of life. Many of these children have never visited these historical and entertainment places and enjoy being there. Procter & Gamble, Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank and others support these events and trips.