Providing services of

Health & Education

For the poor and needy in Pakistan.

Badin-Sujawal in Focus


HOPE has been a forerunner in providing health, educational and disaster assistance and relief to the needy and distressed across Pakistan and it has been extremely instrumental in providing invaluable tools to the general poor masses especially in rural Sindh, places like Sujawal and Badin to earn reasonable means of income on a consistent basis to better their conditions and thus the conditions of the generations to come. Top priority has been the flood affectees of Badin and Sujawal and with the help of Human Concern International every effort is being made continuously to rehabilitate them economically.

  • Up till now high quality seeds of wheat are provided to 6 families of small landowners of Sujawal
  • High quality seeds of Sunflower are provided to 8 families of small landowners of Badin
  • Each Family has received the seeds and fertilizers for 2 acres of their fertile land along with technical assistance so that they become capable once again to earn their own livelihoods independently.

In order to achieve optimum, long term and sustainable results special training will further be given to in-house and field staff so that the goal of the whole project is understood and focused upon. The network of trainers and field staff will also be provided full information to spread verbal, written and visual awareness to continuously increase the number of potential beneficiaries, whether into the training and vocational centers’ or in associating with the small landowners for seeds and small-scale cattle farmers etc.


To the people capable of successfully rearing livestock and having sufficient space and know-how, are provided technical information and livestock animals such as buffaloes, goats etc to get them started and create a sustainable, and steadily increasing source of income. They could sell milk in the local market for cash and also benefit from the number of heads increased in breeding. Per recipient, one buffalo and two goats are being given.

Women Empowerment

Besides the successful Vocational Centres already running in the slum areas of Karachi and far-flung areas of Pakistan, a Vocational Centre with much appreciated collaboration of Human Concern International of Canada has been set up within the HOPE Hospital in Sujawal, whereas, the vocational centre at Badin has been running for more than a year now. Based on the economic development and employment needs within the region, the vocational training centre provides:

  • Opportunities for training through quality vocational education exclusively focused on the betterment and economic uplift of the rural woman.
  • A complete package related to making of marketable products such as fashionable garments adorned by beautiful embroideries and accessories.
  • With skilled trainers, HOPE, imparts a full set of skills, right from designing to cutting to embroidering to sewing ~ and finally to selling the garments and thus empowering them to make a reasonable income.