Providing services of

Health & Education

For the poor and needy in Pakistan.


Improving funding and allocation of resources is at the heart of solving the sanitation and waste water problems in Pakistan. HOPE has always been a forerunner in solving health and education related issues in Pakistan. Seeing the disastrous sanitary and hygiene situation HOPE stepped up and opened 3 toilets in different locations.

Following are the different locations where the toilets have constructed:

  • The first one which has been constructed on link road, GulamHasan road. Benefits almost 40-50 houses in the vicinity, causing them great ease and solving their basic washroom problems.
  • The second toilet constructed by HOPE is at Kathor, which benefits almost 25-30 houses. This place is situated in Khairpur, Sind, Pakistan.
  • HOPE’s third toilet is situated in Badin, Sindh and is now under construction.

Villagers claim these toilets have solved many problems. Alongside these there are also many handpumps installed by HOPE where villagers are provided with clean, pure water. These toilets are constructed on a 5×5 sq foot.