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For the poor and needy in Pakistan.

Kashmir Earthquake

When the earthquake struck the Northern part of Pakistan on October 8, 2005, many NGOs rushed to the site to provide emergency relief. Blood donation camps were set up in Karachi and 2,000 bags of blood were sent to the earthquake-affected areas. HOPE played a major role in relief activities by sending out a 17-member team comprising of Physicians, Surgeons, Lady Doctors, Gynecologist, Paramedics and Social Works to set up medical camps in Mansehra, Abbotabad, Batal, Chattar Plain, Balakot and Baseyan. 4,000 patients were treated.

With the assistance of UNICEF, HOPE started a new project for rehabilitating the nutrition status of children under 5 years and pregnant and lactating mothers. With the onset of the earthquake and displacement of families, children were the main sufferers and a majority of them became malnourished. HOPE worked with LHVs and doctors working in the Basic Health Units (BHUs) as well as other health facilities, providing them with the nutritional supplement containing of micronutrients and monitoring their growth. Activities also involved counseling mothers in their villages and working on various health related issues of children and women. Two offices were set up- one in Muzaffarabad and the other in Bagh District. HOPE provided services in Muzaffarabad and Bagh Districts as well as Neelum Valley.