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HOPE Relief Operation for Swat IDPS

HOPE initiated a massive relief operation for the IDPs of Swat and Dir. A 12 member HOPE team comprising of doctors (Pediatricians, gynecologists, skin specialists, physicians) as well as social workers travelled to the area. The HOPE team visited Mardan, Shikh Yasin Camp, Shiekh Shehzad Camp, Swabi, Shah Mansoor Camp, Jalala Camp, Yar Hussain, Ambar  Takht Bai etc. The medical team saw 1000 patients with diarrhea, ARI, skin infections etc. Relief goods were distributed to a large number of patients including tents, beddings, coolers, ration, flour, rice, daal, utensils, chattai etc. In addition, HOPE provided 12.5 lakh sachets to of PUR to 200,000 affectees (25,000 families) for provision of safe water with water coolers, buckets etc.