Providing services of

Health & Education

For the poor and needy in Pakistan.

Basic Health Unit in Hub

HOPE, in collaboration with Asia Petroleum, started a Basic Health Unit in the HUB area in August 2010. The Health Center is located in a poor area. Majority of people live without electricity, poor hygiene and sanitation facilities and limited clean water. Diseases are common in this area and health facilities are situated far away. HOPE aims to provide much needed basic health care to thousands of residents annually through this BHU.

This BHU is providing outpatient services, maternal check ups, childcare, ultrasound facilities, etc. to the local residents who have limited access to proper medical facilities. Emergency services including oxygen therapy, nebulization, IV drips are also provided. Medicines are given free of cost. In the past six months, the BHU has treated almost 9,000 patients for various illnesses. The most common ailments found are gastroenteritis, diarrhea, skin infections, viral diseases, respiratory infections, and malaria.