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For the poor and needy in Pakistan.

Thatta Hospital

Hope Community Center – Thatta

One more multi purpose HOPE Community Center has been constructed in Thatta, Sindh with assistance from the Japanese Embassy Grass Root Assistance (GRA) Programme.

The hospital in Thatta provides secondary care facilities to the poor and rural area in Thatta districts. Thatta district is the largest district in Sindh, comprising of Thalukas like Sajawal, Dharo, Sakro, Ghora Barri, Jhirk, Jhimpir, Ketibandar. All areas have limited medical care facilities. There is no other blood bank in Thatta except the in the HOPE Hospital. We strive to provide the best of medical care in the rural setting of Thatta by providing laboratory technicians, X-Ray technicians as well as some paramedical staff from Karachi. Consultants including gynecologists, surgeons, and child specialist weekly provide consultation visits from Karachi. Annually 10 to 15000 patients are seen.