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For the poor and needy in Pakistan.

HOPE UK Members

HOPE UK Registered with The Charity Commission 159221

Dr Afil Ahmed Jamali

Dr. Afil is a qualified and experienced Doctor with several years of experience in Pakistan and in the UK. He is currently working for the NHS as a Cardiothoracic Fellow. Dr. Afil has been involved in several charitable activities in Pakistan and is an active member of several Doctor’s Associations in the UK. He has personal and direct experience of helping many patients in Pakistan who did not have the resources to support themselves.

Mrs. Aisha T Chowdhry (Executive Volunteer)

Aisha T Chowdhry is a Legal and Business Consultant with an abundance of experience working with various enterprises. She supports a number of women’s groups in a legal capacity and has done a wealth of fundraising work for various charities and schools over the years in Pakistan, the USA and the UK.

Mrs. Mah Gul Rind

Mrs. Rind has a Bachelors degree in Economics from The University of Chicago. She has over 10 years of experience in corporate banking relationship management and Treasury. Her last role was of a Senior Manager in Morgan Stanley Treasury where she mainly worked on capital management and COO activities. Wanting to consolidate her many philanthropic activities, Mrs. Rind accepted the position of UK Trustee and oversees some financial aspects of the charity as well as being a driving force in engaging young city professionals.

Arif Zaman

Arif Zaman is Deputy Director, the Centre for Research and Enterprise (Enterprise and Internationalisation), London School of Business and Management and a Director of the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network, an accredited organisation to 52 Governments on women’s economic empowerment. He is also CEO, Riscaire providing training and advisory services on governance and reputational risk in the UK, Dubai and Pakistan and author of the bestselling book on Reputational Risk (Financial Times, 2004 and published in Russian, 2008).