2022 Flood Emergency Pakistan

HOPE  has been on the Frontlines of Pakistan Flood Relief efforts since Day 1 providing cooked food, food rations, medical aid, clothing, bedding, mosquito nets, and house reconstruction to victims.

Award Ceremony

An award has been honored.
Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla
is receiving a certificate from Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan at AERONS event.

Latest News

HOPE launched a campaign

07, Nov, 2018

HOPE launched a campaign

HOPE launched a campaign to raise funds for 100 children suffering from Tuberculosis. The cost of treating a TB patient is only Rs. 4,000. Join HOPE in ...

HOPE launched a campaign

07, Nov, 2018

HOPE launched a campaign

HOPE launched a campaign to raise funds for 100 children suffering from Tuberculosis. The cost of treating a TB patient is only Rs. 4,000. Join HOPE in...

HOPE launched a campaign

07, Nov, 2018

HOPE launched a campaign

HOPE launched a campaign to raise funds for 100 children suffering from Tuberculosis. The cost of treating a TB patient is only Rs. 4,000. Join HOPE in...

HOPE launched a campaign

07, Nov, 2018

HOPE launched a campaign

HOPE launched a campaign to raise funds for 100 children suffering from Tuberculosis. The cost of treating a TB patient is only Rs. 4,000. Join HOPE in ...

Latest Events

Distributed 5000 Iftar Boxes – Ramadan 2020

Team HOPE has distributed 5000 Iftar Boxes during Ramadan till date, among the underprivileged communities of the society; Iftari is also distributed in the adjoining rural areas. The team will continue to distribute Iftar and Biryani boxes till the end of Ramadan. These people were delighted to receive the iftar boxes, as they belong to the low-income class who cannot afford to enjoy eating a good Iftar like we do. The smile on the faces of these children is priceless.

Distribution of 2000 ration bags

HOPE team has also been distributing ration to the needy families. So far, the team has distributed 2000 ration bags till date, in urban slums as well as outskirts of Karachi among the needy families, the team will continue distributing ration bags in order to keep their kitchens running.  The families were delighted to receive the ration bags as they cannot even afford to buy basic groceries. Seeing the contentment on the faces of these people was extremely gratifying.

The Grand Iftar

The Grand Iftar was held in Zia Colony, as many as fifteen hundred students gathered together along with more than a hundred volunteers from Standard Chartered Bank.

Visit to PAF Museum

HOPE Home Schools children visited PAF Museum as a field trip.

Partnership of HOPE and SEF

Badin middle and secondary funded by a partnership between HOPE and SEF. ABOUT A 100 KIDS ARE ENROLLED IN CLASSES 6,7 AND 8 WITH 9 AND 10 commencing VERY SOON.

Aman Foundation

Aman foundation held a workshop at HOPE Formal School, Zia Colony on entrepreneurship. The students were given extremely practical insights into ways and means of achieving self-employment and how to apply their education to generate incomes independently as young entrepreneur.

Annual Day – Muzaffargarh

Annual day was held in HOPE School, Muzaffargarh, in which children showcased their talent through different performances.

Annual Result Ceremony

On May 16, 2012, HOPE held its annual result ceremony for the school children at the Home School in Sachal Goth, Karachi.

Annual Results Ceremony

HOPE held an annual result ceremony for the Home School children in Bhattiabad on May 23rd, 2012.

Arzu – An event organized by HOPE

HOPE organized a training event “Arzu” at Arts Council on 27th February which was an active effort to promote philanthropy among youth. Arzu catered around 300 students from different educational institutes of Karachi and the proceeds of the tickets purchased have been donated to the underprivileged children studying at HOPE schools

Clothes Distribution

The distribution of Eid Clothing among the children was also done at the end of the Iftars.

Distributing Iftar Boxes

Team HOPE along with arranging Iftar dinners, has also been distributing Iftar boxes and Briyani boxes in various HOPE home schools located in Karachi and rural Sindh

Eid Clothing for distant schools

Eid clothing was also sent to the distant schools of Thatta, Mazaffargarh and Muzaffarabad (AJK).

Ernst & Young’s day at HOPE School

Ernst & Young's staff spent a day with HOPE Formal School's students and engaged the children in different fun-filled activities.

Field Trip to Karachi Zoo

On April 21, 2012, HOPE in collaboration with P&G organized a field trip to the Karachi zoo for the students of Informal School of Gadap.

Fund Raiser in California

To spread awareness and to raise funds for the under-served of our society HOPE recently held a Fund raiser at Chandni Restaurant, Fremont, California.

Grand Iftaar

Grand Iftaar, sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank, was held on August 8, 2011, for 800 HOPE Zia Colony School Children.

Iftaar and Independence Day Programme

HOPE held an Iftaar and Independence Day programme in the Muzzafargarh School for 200 school children.

Japanese Embassy

Japanese embassy consultant visits Muzafargarh School on the 19th of October. The representative was also stunned by the work being done in the field of women empowerment by HOPE team.

Musical Evening

HOPE and Helpers of HOPE plan a musical evening fundraiser.

Students of Liaquat College of Medicine

Students of Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry visited HOPE’s Zia Colony Hospital to get a feel of how an NGO manages and runs a Hospital with such efficiency.

SUPARCO Poster Competition

HOPE Formal School's students participated in SUPARCO's poster competition.

Ration distributed to 2000 families

HOPE team distributed ration to 2000 families.

Target Inc.

Target Inc. Pakistan volunteered for an awareness workshop at HOPE’s Zia Colony School on how to handle, manage and  protect themselves from various difficult situations including  ‘child abuse’

Visit to HOPE Schools

Team HOPE visited HOPE Schools, AJK for monitoring purpose and distributed sweaters, stationery items, food items and gift hampers donated by Fahim School System among the students.

What We Have Achieved

Our Northern Areas School Network consists of 35 plus registered semi formal schools, providing e...

Reconstruction of houses in flood affected areas in Sindh.

52 health facilities monitored in earthquake affected areas in AJK.

So far 90+ hand pumps have been installed in various rural areas throughout Pakistan. Areas like ...

HOPE has 3 formal Schools, located throughout Pakistan, where 1500 + students are studying.

Informal school is a cost effective way of spreading education in rural remote areas and slums. P...

Nutrition Support Programme in Karachi, Thatta, Dadu, ShahdadKot, 36,566 children >5 screened, 13...

HOPE has 4 secondary care hospitals, located in Karachi, Thatta and Sujawal. Providing medical se...

HOPE has three Maternal and Child Healthcare Centers (MCH), located in the slum areas of Karachi....

Mobile Health Units With the support of Asia Petroleum HOPE is operating 2 MHU (mobile health un...

Together with education, a skill development is extremely important for economic empowerment. HOP...

For proper sanitation HOPE has setup 15 plus washrooms for the underprivileged people in rural vi...

HOPE has provided 422,754,120 liters of clean drinking water, in collaboration with P&G “Pak Saaf...

In 2015, two medical camps were established in Shangla and Birkot to help the victims of Swat.

Flood Relief Nationwide, 35,000 patients treated. Ration and Shelter were distributed to 12,250 p...

Five Vocational Centers in Karachi, Thatta, Badin, Sujawal, Muzzafargarh, computer facilities, se...

Thatta hospital is fully equipped. This hospital treated 225,000 patients and carried out 1,600 s...

In Sujawal Hospital nearly 46,000 were treated and 280 delivers conducted.

Around 58,000 patients were seen and 85 delivers were conducted in both MCH center in Manzoor Col...

Basic Health Unit in HUB, OPD services, ultrasounds, maternal and child care facilities, nearly 1...

200 Informal Home Schools nationwide; almost 12,000 students are getting free education.

Two Formal Schools in Karachi and Thatta up to metric; 1,267 students enrolled.

With the collaboration of Sindh Education Foundation SEF, HOPE is running a Middle and high schoo...

HOPE is running a computer center with the collaboration of International Development and Relief ...

Support a Marriage Campaign.

Over a period of one and a half year 30 handpumps have been installed in the remote villages.

HOPE joined hands with P & G for provision of Safe Drinking Water in the form of P&G Purifier Sac...

HOPE has supported poor farmers in cultivating the land; providing wheat crop in Sujawal and Sunf...

In 2015, HOPE setup two medical camps. One in BIRKOT and one in PURAN(Shangla), to help the victi...

In 2015, HOPE setup two medical camps. One in BIRKOT and one in PURAN(Shangla), to help the victi...

Crisis Center for violence against women.

Flood Relief 2010-2011 nationwide, 35,000 patients treated, 12,250 people distributed food and sh...

What is HOPE ?

(Health Oriented Preventive Education) is an NGO providing services of health and education for the poor and needy in Pakistan. The major activities of HOPE includes provision of health care through hospitals and maternal and child health centers. In addition education for children is provided through formal and informal schools. Vocational centers provide computers and vocational training for youth.

Our Mission:

To develop a society in which individuals are aware of the basic right & are provided with equal opportunities to access health and educational facilities.

Our Vision:

A well educated and healthy society in which women and children have equal rights.

Chairperson’s Message

HOPE was started by a group of volunteers who wanted to bring a change in the lives of the poor and impoverished by bringing health and education to their doorsteps. HOPE was established in 1997 since more than 20 years and has grown from a band of street volunteers to a huge national network of schools and hospitals. Health and education are priority areas of HOPE, whereby HOPE is running four secondary care hospitals, MCH Centres and Mobile Health Units.. The HOPE network extends from Karachi in the south to Thatta, Badin, Muzaffargarh (Punjab) and the mountains of Kashmir. Vocational Centres for youth in computer traing and sewing/cutting are established.Research activities of HOPE extends from collaborations with the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), WHO, UNICEF among others on topics such as hand washing, Safe water, Safe injections, Poliomyelitis, tuberculosis etc. The education component forms the foundation of HOPEs activities as without education of children and youth there will be no awareness and enlightment. The future vision of HOPE is to expand its activities in other remote areas of Pakistan. With God’s help HOPE will go where others have not dared. We are but just a drop in the ocean, but we will strive to change the lives of the people we touch.

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How to Sponsor

For just

Rs. 15,000

Educate a child via formal school and support his health for one year.

For just

Rs. 10,000

Educate a child via informal schools for one year.

For only

Rs. 15,000

Educate an older child in secondary and high school for one year.

For just

Rs. 20,000

Adopt a hospital bed for one month.

For just

Rs. 25,000

Higher education of matric students.

Needy Patients

Help with treatment of poor and needy patients—as much as you can afford.

For just

Rs. 50,000

adopt an informal school for a year.

For just

Rs. 12,000

Adopt a TB patient for his/her complete treatment.

Major Collaborations